Cocktails and Drinks


We offers a wide selection of hot and chilled Sake to accompany your meal.


rich medium body, dry finish with hints of caramel and maple syrup
chilled, pairs well with grilled and fried dish

Kikusui Funaguchi Jukusei
smooth, round body with hints of nectar and fruit juices
chilled, pairs well with spice dish

Sho Chiku-Bai
rich full body, medium dry with pineapple and juniper notes
warm or room temperature, pairs well with mildly seasoned dish

Fuki Plum
delicate, light, and subtle plum flavor with almond note
chilled, great as a dessert

Moonstone Raspberry
round berry notes with a touch of sweetness
chilled, pairs well with salad, pork, chicken, and tuna

Moonstone Asian Pear
bright, fresh, and layered with pear aroma and flavor
chilled, pairs well with creamy dish, pork, and ribs

Hana Lychee
fulfilling palate with lingering finish of intense lychee flavor
chilled, great as an aperitif

Hana Fuji Apple
appealing aroma with lingering finish of crisp rich Fuji apple flavor
chilled, great as an aperitif

smooth and dry with a refreshing fruity flavor, excellent choice for first time sake drinkers
warm or chilled, pairs well with chicken and our light seafood dish

Purple Haze
mixture of Ozeki and Chambord, sweet and fruity with smooth and dry finish
warm, pairs well with seafood or as an aperitif

Tyku Coconut
silky texture, rich and creamy coconut taste, with subtle hints of vanilla
chilled, pairs well with dessert and spicy dish

Sho Chiku-Bai Nigori (Crazy Milk)
bold and sweet, rich and robust flavor with distinctive rice savor
chilled, pairs well with rich and well-seasoned dish, great as dessert

Rihaku Nigori (Dreamy Cloud)
bright, mouthwatering acidity, soft and chewy texture with aromas of rice and ripe red plums
chilled, pairs well with rice dish

Gekkeikan Nigori
sweet with a creamy medium-body, hints of honey and tropical fruit, with a long finish
chilled, pairs well with salads, light desserts, rich flavored and spicy dish

Sayuri Nigori
refreshimg aroma, natural sweetness, and smooth finish with subtle fruit notes
chilled, pairs well with grilled dish, spicy dish, and dessert

Nagaragawa (Sparkling Nigori)
sparkly, champagne like liveliness, light, smooth, and refreshing tast
chilled, pairs well with spicy dish and dessert

Zipang (Sparkling Nigori)
lively and bright with hints of tropical fruits, medium-bodied with refreshingly light finish
chilled, pairs well with light appetizers and spicy dish

Specialty Drinks

  • Geishatini    raspberry Sake, Vodka, Peach Snapps, Grenadine, Shaken
  • Japanese Sunrise Tanqueray Gin, Sake, OJ, Grenadine
  • Yokozuna Sake, Plum Wine, Red Bull
  • Banzai Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime Juice


  • 20 oz. Sapporo
  • Sapporo
  • Tsing Tao
  • Kirin Ichiban
  • Snake River Zonker Stout
  • Snake River Lager
  • Fat Tire
  • Heineken
  • Bud Light

Introducing our new Japanese imported friends from Hitachino Nest Beer!

  • Red Ale
  • Ginger
  • White Ale
  • Sweet Stout

hitachino nest beer

Limited supply available


  • Green Tea
  • Juices Apple, Orange, Cranberry
  • Pepsi Products Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Root Beer, 7UP, Dr. Pepper, Brisk Ice Tea, Lemonade